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The vision of sustainable development of Cameroon necessarily involves the mastery of geographic information on the environment as well as on natural resources, human and material. As part of its mission, the National Institute of Cartography to play a major role in the provision of development actors, a geographic information reliable [essential tool for decision making] and thus contribute to strengthening the information.

This is undoubtedly a contribution to strengthening the capacity of public authorities, as part of the governance and strategic management of the state are required to define the national development priorities. This contribution will be implemented through the development of management information system resources and the dissemination and popularization of geographic information.

          1. Development Management Information System resources

To meet GESP in productivity and competitiveness, and in accordance with its statutory duties, the institute has undertaken the design and implementation of information systems. The following actions will be undertaken:

  • Development of National Atlas
  • Elaboration of file locations and dictionaries villages

  • The design and development of departmental monographs

            2. Dissemination and extension of geographic information


In terms of extension and dissemination of geographic information, the focus will be on creating the Geoportal of the Institute.