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 It ensures the implementation of work on mapping and remote sensing and geographical work throughout the country. The INC is a fifth categories of administrative nature, endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy. It is responsible under the supervision of the  Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.


 Vocation of the National Institute of Cartography

 Defined by the Presidential Decree No. 92/049 of 24 March 1992. It is: Make available to policy makers, political and other actors of developmentof reliable cartographic often tend projects or development activities.Produce and make available to policy makers, political and all other users,reliable tools for decision support for complete control of development and an efficient and effective management of the national space andresources (natural, human and material).


Missions of general interest fixed by the State

  • Plan, implement or enforce all necessary work for the establishment and maintenance

of gravity and geodetic networks of leveling and the maintenance of basic networks of

research and data collection thematic geographical character

  •    A complete work on remote sensing and digitization of cartographic data;    

Conduct research related to the activities mentioned below;

  •   Establish, maintain and publish topographic maps. Any time at the request of users, INC can produce plans and thematic maps;
  • Collecting, filing system, the results of geographical research and the survey work undertaken plans for both private companies and by the communities and public services;

  • Participate in the demarcation of international boundaries and administrative units;

  • Store in the area of ??its jurisdiction, all documents of the national territory for the surveying, leveling, aerial photography, surveying, remote sensing and mapping the boundaries of international borders and administrative units;

  • Participate in the development of technical documents and implementation of all photographic work, surveying, photogrammetry, topographic mapping, and remote sensing;


  • Geographical coordinate research across the country;Investigate and provide technical advice on applications for geographical research on the country made ​​by foreign researchers. In addition, the INC is associated with the engineering feasibility and feasibility studies prior to major development projects likely to cause damage to the environment.       

To this end:


  • He participates in the development of government policy on the environment;
  • It is responsible for the study and mapping of natural hazards.


N°92/049 du 24 Mars 1992